DOB: 6-22-2015
Smarty x Folsom
57 lbs
From the “Rulers Litter”
Monarch is an outstanding young dog, becoming a strong leader as a yearling and running in lead everyday during her 2nd year of serious training in the fall of 2017. Good command leader, ravenous eater/drinker/good feet, strong endurance, and a tough head. Monarch finished all of her first races like she hadn’t done anything at all and handled racing like a breeze. Monarch is due to have her first litter of pups summer of 2018 with another super 2 year old, Brave.
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Race Record:
2nd & Rookie of the Year Award Knik 200 2018
1st Two Rivers 200 2018
2nd Willow 300 2018
1st Tripod 40/40 2018
1st Valley Funale 20 2018
1st Solstice 50 2018
10th Kuskokwim 300 2019



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August 26, 2015