DOB: 6-8-2013
Minty x Carbon
KP’s Lineage
For the past 5 seasons KP has led every training run and every race. For 2 of those race seasons he had the full responsibility of leading every mile of every race. Right around 20,000 miles in lead, not to mention 3 years in team. KP loves the role of lead dog. His strength and power are second to none and equal to Spark- another total powerhouse leader. Kingpin is a very intense race dog and one fo the best leaders I’ve ever known. Kingpin reminds me of his great-grandpa Commander, one of my dad’s winning Yukon Quest leaders, and one of the most special dogs I’ve ever worked with. He had a tremendous personality and he was a tremendous athlete. KP is one of the fastest trotters in the kennel and watching him on “cruise control” laying it out in a 14 mph trot is a beautiful thing. KP is fiercely loyal, loves to please, is highly intelligent, and loyal. Kingpin also has bombproof feet and rarely wears booties. His tough feet are a trademark in our kennel, but his are just gorgeous. He loves to give big hugs and make strong eye contact, a real lover boy!
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Race History
1st ADMA Jr. Sprints x 3

Kuskokwim 300 
1st Two Rivers 200

2nd Knik 200 
3rd Willow 300. Main leader. 
1st Nenana Ice Classic Tripod Race 40/40
2nd & Rookie of the Year Award Knik 200. Main and finishing leader with Pan. 

1st Two Rivers 200 2018. Main and finishing leader with Pan. 
2nd Willow 300 2018. Main and finishing leader with Pan.
1st Valley Funale 20. Main and finishing leader with Pan.  
1st Solstice 50. Main and finishing leader with Monarch.  
10th Kuskokwim 300. Main and finishing leader with Pan.  

1st Nenana Ice Classic Tripod 40/40. Main and finishing leader alternate days with Lusa and Monarch.
1st Two Rivers 200/Vet’s Choice Award. Main and finishing leader Spark.  
7th Kobuk 440. Main and finishing leader. Led every mile of this race. Finishing leader with Lusa.   
10th Kuskokwim 300 

2nd Willow 300
1st Solstice 50- with Matt Shawcroft
Iditarod- main leader. 



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May 22, 2015