DOB: 8-20-2009
Nitro x Suspect
Weight: 52 lbs

Folsom is a true “Diamond in the Rough”. He is an incredibly gifted athlete. He has been our main leader since he was an undeveloped, but naturally driven 2 year old. He has superior endurance, focus, and he will try his hardest in tough situations without question. His natural abilities and our training methods have enabled him to become the best he can be. He was very shy, nearly untouchable when we bought him from his second home, and in poor mental and physical health. I clicked with Folsom the instant I saw him and him with me. We’ve had a special connection from the first. He was shy but crawled over to me with strong eye contact and he had good energy. The guy I bought him from said that was more than he had gotten from him in 6 months of not warming up and nipping everyone. It took over a year before he could fully relax enough to have his back, feet, and whole body touched. He loves to free run and his confidence level is now very high. Folsom is a father and grandfather to many offspring around the state and in other parts of the world. In November of 2014 Folsom developed a cough that has taken us to 7 different vets as well as speciality consultants. He has had MRI’s and multiple scoping with no valid answers. He doesn’t appear sickly and has continued to train and race. He loves being a sled dog and does not like being left out.
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Race Record:
3rd Valley Fuanle 2013
4th Solstice 50 2013
1st Nenana Tripod 2014
2nd Chatanika 200 2014
1st Nenana Mail Trail 200 2014
1st Solstice 100 2015
1st Knik 200 2015
2nd Nenana Tripod 2015
1st The Minto Dash 120 2015
1st The Old Mail Trail 200 2015
Nenana Triple Crown Title Winner
Kuskokwim 300
1st Two Rivers 200 2016
2nd Knik 200 2017
10th & Rookie of the Year Award Copper Basin 300 2017
3rd Willow 300 2017


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May 21, 2015