DOB: 8-20-2009
Nitro x Suspect
Folsom’s Lineage
Folsom is now retired from racing, but at age 10 helps to train our upcoming generations. Folsom is one of the most amazing leaders I’ve worked with in all my years of growing up with dogs and seeing some of the best leaders in the sport. He simply loves to be a sled dog and he never tires of running in lead. In fact he gets wound up and jealous if he isn’t in lead. From a very young age he was always fully confident in single lead, which some dogs never get comfortable with. He brought our team to many victories when we got back into racing and ran in lead every time we went out for many years as our main leader. I knew he was a special dog when I went to check him out. The guy we bought him from had bought him as a 10 month old along with his brother Fisk. The man’s wife didn’t like Folsom or it turns out any of the dogs. He was very nervous and scrawny. We made instant eye contact and I had feeling he was a special dog. I brought him home and it took about a year for Folsom to relax while being pet. He came full circle and became the dog he was born to be. All 7 of Folsom’s siblings became main leaders for various competitive kennels. This mix and the remixes have produced a high % of many natural born leaders.
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Race Record:
3rd Valley Fuanle 2013
4th Solstice 50 2013
1st Nenana Tripod 2014
2nd Chatanika 200 2014
1st Nenana Mail Trail 200 2014
1st Solstice 100 2015
1st Knik 200 2015
2nd Nenana Tripod 2015
1st The Minto Dash 120 2015
1st The Old Mail Trail 200 2015
Nenana Triple Crown Title Winner
Kuskokwim 300
1st Two Rivers 200 2016
2nd Knik 200 2017
10th & Rookie of the Year Award Copper Basin 300 2017
3rd Willow 300 2017


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May 21, 2015