DOB: 9-30-2016
Tease x Rev
Brave’s Lineage
We purchased Brave from my uncle Jason’s kennel sell out in the fall of 2017. He excelled in his first year of training and racing. He finished everything he started, despite coming into our kennel the end of October and getting a late start in the training season. Brave has incredible stamina and seems totally unaffected at the end of races, leaping and screaming for more. He is a huge power house and trotting machine. Brave fits the appetite and attitude motto perfectly!
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Race Record

2nd & Rookie of the Year Award Knik 200 

1st Two Rivers 200 
2nd Willow 300 
1st Tripod 40/40 
1st Valley Funale 20 
1st Solstice 50 
10th Kuskokwim 300 

1st Nenana Ice Classic Tripod 40/40 

1st Two Rivers 200/Vet’s Choice Award 
7th Kobuk 440 
10th Kuskokwim 300 

2nd Willow 300 
1st Nenana Ice Classic 40/40
1st Two Rivers 200
2nd Solstice 100
1st Willow 300
2nd Nenana Ice Classic 40/40 (2nd to the other half of our main team)



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November 1, 2017