Racing sled dogs and maintaining a premier kennel is a year-round commitment and financial challenge. Professional mushers depend on support from the community, family, fans, and corporations in order to perform at the highest level. Joining our team can be as simple as supporting an individual dog for the season or through partnering with Mackey’s Alaskan Distance Dogs to promote and endorse your company. Both dogs and mushers appreciate all of your contributions!

Yearly Kennel Costs

  • Dog Food (kibble, various meats,  salmon, fats, and vitamins) $32,000
  • Veterinary (medications, blood work, spays, neutering, and general visits) $10,000
  • Race Expenses (entry fees, travel, food drops)
  • Gear for Dogs (booties, harnesses, dog coats, collars) $4000
  • Equipment (sleds, ATV maintenance, camping supplies) $10,000
  • Gear for 3 People (gloves, parkas, foot wear, socks, snow bibs, headlights) $6000
  • Handler Expenses (housing and meals) $10,000

Support a Champion Athlete

Mackey’s Alaskan Distance Dogs is home to an exceptional group of champion athletes and many young prospects. Join our team and help provide your favorite dog with the best foods, veterinary care, and daily supplies needed for optimum health and well being. As a member of the team you will be recognized on our website, various social media, public speaking engagements, and your company logo will be endorsed on our outdoor gear and vehicle. Those who choose to support their favorite dog will receive a set of booties worn by your dog and a 8x 10 photo of the dog you are helping for the season.

   Team Supporters

  • Mackey’s Happy Dog Kennel
  • Rick & Patti Mackey
  • Roland Mackey
  • The Shawcroft Family
  • Joanne Rhodes
  • Dusty Puritt
  • David & Tina Rhodes
  • Premium Ice
  • Fast Freeze
  • BOriginal Signs
  • Betty Laur-Varner
  • Joyce Goehring
  • Bill & Sandy Mckee
  • Barbie Peterson