DOB: 5-19-2018
Oreo x Brave
Tempo’s LineageĀ 
From the “Checkmate Litter”
Double Mackey bred Tempo is a feisty and watchful pup who looks like a miniature version of her sire with her mama’s funny vocals. She’s a beautiful mover with playful energy! Both parents have been on our championship teams multiple times. She is a Rev granddaughter out of Brave mixed with one of our best breeding/racing females Oreo. Tempo has exceptional speed and a flawless gait. She could easily be a sprint or distance dog, very diverse. In training this fall since 8-1 and a number of hook-ups last winter/spring. Tempo has the potential to pass on many nice traits to future litters of puppies. She is a very happy natured dog who gets along great with all the dogs, listens great when loose, loves water, kids, and food!
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June 18, 2018