DOB: 6-7-2015
58 lbs
Salt x Champ
Spark is a super leader. A crack command leader. At age 3 we can fully rely on Spark to take charge and steer the team as a main leader. Guiding younger leaders around loose dogs and other obstacles. He was an incredibly focused and intense yearling quickly picking up on leader commands as all Salt’s pups do. He works hard and never misses a beat. As a two year old Spark performed very strongly in his first races. He proved himself to be a solid finisher right off on a record setting first race over a snowy, very hilly, tough, course. Spark took to lead right away as a 9 month old pup.
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Race Record:
1st Two Rivers 200 2018
2nd Willow 300 2018
1st Solstice 50 2018



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July 25, 2015