DOB: 5-18-2011
Jody x Oscar
Salt’s Lineage
Weight: 45 lbs
Salt is a natural born leader from the strongest leader line I’ve worked with, the well known “F” line litter comes in a close a second. Salt shines when the going gets tough or when pouring on the speed. She gives 100% every run, every race. Salt has an incredible coat, tough feet, very high emotional intelligence, connects strongly with people and has superior endurance. The majority of Salt’s pups have all led as yearlings as well and are leaders in kennels across AK, Europe, and the US. Salt is an excellent mother dog and enjoys spending time with pups from the mother dogs, too.
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Race Record:
3rd VF 2013
4th Solstice 50 2013
1st Tripod 50/50 2014
Multiple 1st & 2nd’s Jr. Sprints
2nd Jr. ONAC 2015
10th & Rookie of the year team Copper Basin 300 2017
3rd Willow 300 2017
1st Nenana Ice Classic Tripod 42/42 2017
2nd & Rookie of the Year Award Knik 200 2018
1st Two Rivers 200 2018
2nd Willow 300 20181st
1st Tripod 40/40 2018
1st Valley Funale 20 2018
2nd to our main team Solstice 50 2018
10th Kuskokwim 300 2019
2nd to our main team Nenana Ice Classic Tripod 40/40 2019




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May 22, 2015