DOB: 9-4-2012
Sally x Champ
Outlaw’s Lineage 
Outlaw is our ideal sled dog. He has nonstop stamina, loves being a sled dog, is very driven, perfect movement, and he’s very tough. He became a champion in his first year of racing as a yearling. If I had to pick one dog in the kennel as the strongest athlete it would be Outlaw, he is basically the best dog I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen thousands of dogs and many champions in my lifetime. Outlaw is one of our main studs.
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Race Record:
1st Tripod 50/50 2014
2nd Chatanika 200 2014
1st Mail Trail 200 2014
1st Solstice 100 2015
1st Knik 200 2015
2nd Nenana Tripod 2015
1st The Minto Dash 120 2015
1st The Old Mail Trail 200 2015
Nenana Triple Crown Title Winner 2015
Kusko 300
1st Two Rivers 200 2016
2nd Knik 200 2017
10th & Rookie of the year Award Copper Basin 300 2017
3rd Willow 300 2017
1st Nenana Ice Classic Tripod 42/42 2017



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May 22, 2015