DOB: 7-2-2009
Curly x Hammer
Weight: 66 lbs

Minty is a solid leader, but prefers to stop quickly to go to the bathroom, so she runs further back most of the time. She is a very tough headed member of the team and one of the original dogs from our “Black & Tan” line. Minty is one of our main breeding females passing on her superior feet, high attitude, desire to eat, natural endurance, size, and movement. Minty was a gift to Isabel from her grandparents, Rick & Patti Mackey, as a puppy. She was our family dog for 2 years while we lived in the city of Anchorage. She traveled all over with us and she was a great hiking/running partner. When we moved back to the interior of AK and started up our kennel again in 2011 Minty no longer wanted to be in the house. Minty is the queen of the kennel and she enjoys being part of the pack. Minty has only raced with the main team once because she comes into heat frequently. She is our number one breeding female and has made fantastic pups for us.
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Race Record:
4th Solstice 50 2013
2nd Tripod 2014
1st Knik 200 2015




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May 22, 2015