DOB: 6-23-2020
Monarch x Sherpa 
Major’s Lineage
I can’t say enough about this big guy. Major has everything a sled dog ought to have to be a championship caliber athlete. He is a dynamic mix of his parents. He thinks he’s a big buck, but he’ll melt into your arms in seconds. He is a tremendous athlete. An instant in harness and he just kept excelling. This litter inspired us to do a repeat breeding to Monarch x Sherpa in the spring of 2021. Major is incredibly powerful as well as fast. He has come on strong as a leader at 3 and is the father to a litter of six with Oreo.
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Race Record
2nd Nenana Ice Classic 40/40 (2nd to the other half of our main team)
1st Chugiak 36/20
2nd Knik 100
22nd- Iditarod




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September 17, 2020