DOB: 12-30-2015
Elsa x Bashy
Luke’s Lineage

Luke is one of my favorite dogs. He’s very low maintenance with bombproof feet, coat, and holds his weight perfectly racing. Luke is strong finisher in every race he has entered and becoming a more solid leader everyday. Luke came into our kennel in February of 2018 during our friend Dominiks kennel sell out. Luke was bred from a mix of our Black & Tan lines mixed with Jay Cadzows best lines from a a female we sold to Dom named Elsa. He was shy when he came into our kennel but we have cemented a strong bond with him. We look forward to breeding Luke soon.
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Race Record:
5th Valley Funale 20 2018
2nd Solstice 50 2018
10th Kuskokwim 2019
1st Nenana Ice Classic Tripod 40/40 2019
1st Two Rivers 200/Vet’s Choice Award 2019
7th Kobuk 440 2019
10th Kuskokwim 300 2020
2nd Willow 300 2020


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April 13, 2018