DOB: Summer 2012
Gordo x Fender
Loyalty’s lineage
Loyalty was bred by my good friend Melissa Stewart Owens. He is out of one of our previous leaders and longtime buddies who has now passed on, Fender, brother to Folsom. I instantly connected with Loyalty when he came into our lives in the fall of 2020. His shy, but eager to please personality so much like his uncles and his sire. He is an extremely affectionate dog who loves to kiss and smush his nose up under your chin. Loyalty finished the his first Iditarod as a 2 year old and has finished several more. He has never been dropped from a race and is a very durable dog. He wasn’t a standout in training this past season, (though he did run with our dogs that took first in a 50 mile speed race which is pretty good for an older dog), but I took him in the Iditarod based on his experience. He did wonderfully paired with our brainiac Spark for part of the race and through some very tough conditions where dogs need to stay completely level headed and sure footed. Those boys impressed me greatly with their desire to please and give you their all. Loyalty is such a sweetheart. We’re happy to give him a retirement home in our kennel.
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July 28, 2021