DOB: 2012
Gordo x Fender
Loyalty’s Lineage
Loyalty is the perfect name for this sweetheart of a dog. I love his personality and work ethic. I haven’t ever had a dog come into the yard who fits in so perfectly to our program. It is like he was born here he fits in so well. Main leader for many years for Melissa Stewart. The type of leader who likes to lead nearly every run, every step of a race. Finished the Iditarod 4 times her and others, as well as many mid-distance races. I’m completely impressed with Loyalty going into fall training. He works as yard as our main leaders do and is very enthusiastic. He fits in perfectly. I absolutely adore his funny “F” line personality. It is rare for me to so quickly connect to a new dog. Melissa said she has never seen him warm up to a new person so fast. Meant to be! I’m really excited about this dog and will bred him in the future. He is 8 and acts 5.

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October 3, 2020