DOB: 5-20- 2021
Monarch x Sherpa
Gus’s Lineage
Gus’s extra big size has made him a standout since he was a puppy. During his spring puppy runs we were surprised to see how light on his feet he is, effortless trotting at 15 mph and consistently maintaining a 13 mph trot when he was just 10 months of age. Not many pups trot so fast or so readily. In the fall of 2022 Gus went into his yearling training season with the main race team and steadily developed into a solid athlete. He again surprised us when we tried him in lead and he didn’t just do well on his first time, he knocked it out of the park. We see a lot of natural young leaders, but Gus runs up there with an old soul mentality. He is an exciting young dog with a bright future ahead!
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Race RecordĀ 
3rd- Knik 100





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September 26, 2021