DOB: 3-21-2014
Minty x Flash
Grizzly’s Lineage 
Grizzly is one of our biggest dogs and a powerhouse. He has a seamless gait and is one of the fastest trotters in the kennel moving with a lot of speed and strength. Grizzly is very loyal and affectionate. Grizzly is a sire to 7 with Rahja for another musher.
Grizzly is sponsored by the Shawcroft Family
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Race Record:
1st Junior Sprint races 2017, with Emma Shawcroft
2nd Willow Junior 100, with Emma Shawcroft
3rd Junior Iditarod 2017, with Emma Shawcroft
2nd & Rookie of the Year Award Knik 200 2018
1st Two Rivers 200 2018
2nd Willow 300 2018
1st Tripod 40/40 2018
1st Valley Funale 20 2018
1st Solstice 50 2018
10th Kuskokwim 300 2019
2nd Nenana Ice Classic Tripod 40/40 2019
2nd Two Rivers 100 2019
7th Kobuk 440 2019




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May 22, 2015