DOB: 6-12-2012
Fergie x Folsom
Dusk’s Lineage

She is a tough, durable, distance dog who has finished every race she’s entered including; 4 Iditarods, 5 Kuskokwim 300’s, and many more 50-300 mile events. Dusk can go into a hard driving lope or a smooth traveling trot. She has very high attitude, a tough head, and an endless desire to eat. She is an excellent mother dog and one of our main mama dogs. Dusk has an insanely high attitude to run and trained with friends of ours last year in their competitive race team. Dusk prefers to be in an outdoor setting with other sled dogs. She holds her weight incredibly well, super eater/drinker, has 0 aggression, gets along great with all dogs and people. Dusk is a highly intelligent dog who takes in the world through keen eyes.

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August 1, 2021