DOB: 6-11-2017
Salt x Kingpin
Jax’s Lineage
Jax is simply outstanding. He’s pure focus, heart, drive, and everything we want in a young leader. Jax has done more in lead as a yearling in tough conditions than a lot of adult dogs are ever exposed to. He has handled breaking trail, drifted in trail, high winds, ice, and lots of overflow like it’s no big deal on 6 plus hour runs, which for a yearling is a big load. Jax trained all season with the main team and has earned himself a solid position in the team. He is a hard worker, super eater, and happy natured.
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Race History
2nd to our main team Solstice 50- swing position.

2nd to our main team Nenana Ice Classic 40/40

3rd Nenana Ice Classic Tripod 40/40- swing position first time running with Roland Mackey.
2nd Solstice 100


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July 17, 2017