DOB: 4-13-2019
Salt x Kingpin
Carbide’s LineageĀ 
Those eyes, that face, that perfect vibe…that’s Carbide. When he was born Carbide reminded us a lot of his grandpa Carbon, one of the first pups Will and I bred together in 2002, hence the name Carbide. When he was 10 months old he finished out his spring puppy season with 25 runs in harness doing up to 8.5 mile runs and started in lead. Last season as a yearling Carbide trained with the Iditarod team from August through November at which point the yearlings formed their own team. He had over 120 runs in harness to help fast mature him. Carbide is now training as a two year old as part of our future core team.
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June 9, 2019