Amos age 2

DOB: 6-22-2019
Dusk x Brave
Amos’s Lineage
Born the largest pup in his litter of nine Amos was a standout from infancy. Amos is a quiet young male with a mellow vibe. He’s all business in harness and a real powerhouse. He was solid last season as a yearling training with the main team, but this year his 2 year old physical strength is apparent. Amos has a perfect gait in a lope or a trot, a more versatile mover than both his parents he came out a really nice mix of both.
Race Record
1st Willow 300
2nd Nenana Ice Classic 40/40 (2nd to the other half of our main team)
1st Chugiak 36/20
6th Kuskokwim 300 
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August 8, 2019